Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Lynda Bellingham

I was shocked to hear of the passing of Lynda Bellingham on Sunday. I had known she was terminally ill, but I really thought, as did many others, that she would live to see a final Christmas and have a few months to share with her family and friends as she had planned. To be taken so soon is just so cruel, but I have known so many in recent years for whom cancer has no regard for wishes and wants. It is so sad that Lynda won't be able to spend a final Christmas, as she had wished, with her family. I will remember Lynda for her many acting roles, mainly as I grew up during the 80's and 90's and for her iconic role in the oh so loved and cherished Oxo advertisements on TV. I support fully the campaign set in motion following Lynda's death for the commercial channels to show the classic Oxo adverts over Christmas. I so hope someone will make it happen. It has also been suggested that we should hang an Oxo cube on our Christmas tress this year. What a wonderful idea. Watching the ITV Loose Women interview with Lynda shown today has reminded me of what a talented, funny and remarkable person she was, and one of my favourite actresses. Rest in peace.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The simple things

We just had our shopping deliverd to us for the first time. I really didn't think I could get so excited over something so mundane. My wife wouldn't let me have my photo taken next to the van. Can't think why...


I heard this poem read on BBC Radio 5 yesterday morning. It was read by a widower who had lost his wife a few years ago and it describes the loneliness he feels. It's perhaps one of the most moving things I've ever read and many who heard it yesterday found themselves in tears, sat in their cars or at their desks at work. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Pulling the rug...

I was saddened earlier this week to receive a letter informing me that our local NHS Trust is to withdraw support for our Spalding based mental health peer support group, Blue Skies. The group was set up three years ago to provide a safety net for those who either cannot get timely treatment for their condition or have been 'dropped' and left to fend for themselves by the Trust. At its peak, the group provided support three days a week to 50 members and offered a range of activities at its Spalding base. As a result of the Trust's decision, Blue Skies now faces closure unless it is able to find a way of funding the public liability insurance needed to cover its meetings. How can a group that so clearly does so much good for service users be closed down in the full knowledge that they have nowhere else to turn...?

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sunday, 24 August 2014

For My Wife...

Happy 40th Birthday to my wonderful wife! 
Thanks for putting up with me and I love you very much xxx